The glass-ceiling index

After decades of improvement, progress for women in the workplace has recently stalled. The Economist ’s latest glass-ceiling index tracks where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work within the rich world. It finds that the gender pay gap is stuck at around 14%, women’s share of management jobs remains at 32% and labour-force participation has barely budged. There are bright spots. Nordic countries are particularly good at helping women complete university and secure a job. They also offer supportive parental leave, while mandatory quotas for women on boards have boosted representation. Asia, with stubborn societal norms, fares worst. In Japan and South Korea, the division of labour at home is woefully unbalanced: women do five times more housework than men. Many must choose between a family and a career. Women who choose to work often struggle to secure top jobs; men are typically favoured for promotions.

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