About Factquest

Test your worldly knowledge against other eggheads with our quiz game. You’ll be presented with fact-filled questions (multiple-choice, true or false and fill-in-the-blank) just as in your halcyon school days. Answer as quickly as possible: the longer you take, the less you score for the correct response.

Each new game grants you three "lives". A life is lost with each incorrect answer. When all three lives are lost, the points from each question are tallied into a final score, and you’re ranked on the leaderboard.

Players earn badges based on their score:

  • 0 + = Novice (British translation: Mediocre)
  • 250 + = Beginner (British translation: Basic)
  • 600 + = Geek (British translation: Good)
  • 900 + = Master (British translation: Excellent)
  • 1500 + = Grand Master (British translation: Extraordinary)
  • 2000 + = Guru (British translation: Incomparable)

Be sure to use the suggestion-box button to send us new question ideas and recommend ways to improve the game.